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"Nearly everything about your organization – including your products, and systems – can be replicated, except one thing: the effectiveness of your people. Culture is the ultimate competitive advantage." 

Bob Whitman, Chairman/CEO Franklin Covey



We help our clients sift through presenting symptoms that are visible on the surface to identify the core issues that must be addressed to create meaningful change. Whether it is course correcting a problem or preparing for an opportunity, we partner with our clients to identify the short – and long-term action that will move the organization forward.  

Culture Alignment

Organizations have a competitive advantage when their cultures, how they get things done, align to their strategy. A culture that does not work in support of the strategy creates roadblocks, disengaged employees, stalled decisions, and results in missed performance goals. We start with an assessment and identify the levers that can bring the culture into alignment for the greatest impact.

Our clients come to us when:

  • Employee engagement is a concern

  • Employees have varied points of view on the direction of the organization

  • Groups are working at cross-purposes

  • Leaders are not ready to advance or meet the changing demands of the business

Leadership Frameworks

Leadership frameworks articulate what is needed from leaders now and into the future – the skills, scope, and mindset needed to drive business success. Creating a framework provides clarity, consistency and a common language for identifying, assessing and developing leaders. They can be used to reinforce the current culture or create change during a period of transition.


Leader Development Programs

Grounded in best practices, we customize experiential programs that can blend in-person learning, coaching, peer discussion groups, and action learning projects. We look for the optimal mix to deliver high impact programs to meet the organization’s needs. A sampling of topics includes:

  • courageous conversations 

  • leadership brand and presence

  • managing multiple generations

  • emotional intelligence

  • conflict management

  • building collaborative relationships

  • managing ambiguity

  • developing team members



Julie is a gifted leader with keen insight

Tony Bozzuti, CIO

"Julie has been a big help in getting my team positioned for success. She creates a healthy environment which allowed my new team to cut through baggage and perceptions allowing us to attack our obligations. She is a gifted leader with keen insight into interpersonal dynamics. Julie stays focused on simple, relevant, and execution-oriented solutions. ”

If you are preparing for a new challenge, we can help you build the capability needed to get you there.  
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