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Dr. Abdul Halam, Former President of India


"You cannot change your future, but you can your habits, and surely your habits will change your future." 



High performance is a state, not a type of team. In order to achieve and maintain that state, teams must have both the form and structure to allow for efficiency and effectiveness as well as the trust to manage the human dynamics of teamwork. We work with teams to build their capability to manage both.

Off-sites and Retreat Facilitation

Custom experiences are designed to provide an opportunity for new or existing teams to step away to define and review business goals, set priorities, or identify and solve business barriers. We work with the leader to ensure the right agenda, people, and processes are in place so that objectives are met and follow-up action planning takes place.

Our clients come to us when teams:

  • Are begin formed or established teams need to reset to improve their collective performance

  • Have limited collaboration 

  • Get along but aren't effective or efficient

  • Have poor relationships or limited trust

  • Want to elevate their already strong performance

Team Coaching

Live team coaching takes place in the moment while teams are working together on their commitments. We observe teams in action and provide just-in-time coaching, training, and feedback to elevate the team’s performance. Processes and concepts are introduced that increase effectiveness in relationship to both the mechanics of team functioning as well as the relationships. This type of coaching supports the team in developing new skills and the ability to course correct on their own.


HR Business Partner Development

HR Business Partners are called on to be strategic partners with the business rather than service providers. Our in-depth programs focus on the facilitative and consultative skills necessary to become true partners to the business. Through intensive learning experiences, one-to-one and peer coaching, business partners gain insight into how they show up with their clients and put that insight to use with practical approaches to consulting.

Julie helped to shape my executive team

Jim Gaherity, President 

"Julie helped to shape my executive team through a cultural alignment process that is now a building block for the business. She has a tremendous skill set for helping management teams become self-aware allowing them to lead in a meaningful way. Her extensive knowledge and professionalism make the education interesting and sustainable.”

If you want to advance your team's effectiveness, a quick call can start the process. 
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